Q: When is Radiant2020?

A: We’re holding two identical conferences - back to back.

Conference 1 = Thursday, Feb 27th - Friday, February 28th

Conference 2 = Friday, February 28th - Saturday, February 29th


Q. What can I expect the schedule to consist of for conference?

A. Each conference consists of 2 DAYS full of FUN for all our GALS.

Day 1: 7PM - 10PM
Day 2: 9AM – 2:30PM


Q. I purchased a ticket during last year’s conference, but haven’t selected Conference 1 / Conference 2 or my seating section. What do I do now?

A. Your next step is to grab your phone and call Brushfire!

Here’s their number: 844-347-1025

They’ll be happy to assist you get all the details worked out!

Just call anytime Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5PM!


Q. If I’m sensitive to lights and loud sounds, what should I expect? 

A. Radiant Conference will include moments of the following:

• Rapid flashing/blinking lights
• Loud music
• Low frequency sounds


Q. Will there be an afterparty?

A. We can’t have Radiant Conference without an afterparty! The afterparty will take place on the first night of each conference!

Bring your appetite and dancing shoes!


Q: Where will Radiant2020 be held?

A: Radiant2020 will be held at our Georgetown Campus
601 Westinghouse Road
Georgetown, TX 78626


Q: Who can I expect to hear from at Radiant2020?

A: We’re prepping to hear from some INCREDIBLE guest speakers during Radiant2020.

Pastor Lori Champion, Charlotte Gambill, Robert Madu & Katherine Wolf are going to be in the house – and we’re so pumped.


Q: Where can I find the most up to date details on all things Radiant2020?

A: Stay up to date with us by following @radiant.sisters on Instagram!

We’ll also be sending out some very special announcements to the email you register with – so make sure to be checking in when you see our name pop up in your inbox!


Q: Will childcare be provided?

A: Not this time, ladies!

Grab your gals, share a sitter, and get ready for all the FUN.


Q: Will there be any extra fees, or does my registration cover everything?

A: We’ve got your meals covered! You may want to bring some bucks if you want to grab a coffee from The Blend!

Additionally, our Radiant Boutique will be open during conference to purchase Radiant2020 Merch + Special Guest Resources. 


Q: Do I have to register now, or can I do it at the door?

A: Radiant2020 WILL sell out!

The best way to save your seat is by registering NOW!


Q: How can I guarantee I’ll be able to sit with my friends?

A. During registration, you’ll be prompted to select your seating section!

Make sure you chat with your gals in advance to ensure you all can sit together by selecting the same seating section. 


Q: Will there be any breakout sessions?

A: Not this year – our sessions will all be held TOGETHER in the auditorium!


Q: How can I sign up to SERVE at conference?

A: Our Radiant2020 Dream Team is open to those who serve on Dream Team here at Celebration.

If you currently serve on the Dream Team, check your inbox to find the  registration link we sent you!

If you have any questions, or can’t find our email – contact dreamteam@celebration.church


Q: What is the typical age range of women that attend Radiant Conference?

A: Any gal from high school and beyond is welcome at Radiant2020!


Q: Can I attend Radiant2020 even if I’m not a part of Celebration?

A: Yes, we can’t wait to meet you! We want EVERY woman to experience all that God has in store for them at Radiant2020!


Q:  Can I sponsor someone to attend the conference?

A:  If you want to bless someone so they can attend Radiant2020, you can do so by making a donation during your registration process.


Q: Are refunds available if I am unable to attend?

A: All registrations are transferrable but non-refundable.

Transfers are the responsibility of the two parties involved. Celebration Church does not arrange payment for transferred registrations or the exchange of tickets.

Please call Brushfire to have them transfer the ticket to the new attendee.

Brushfire Customer Service: 844-347-1025

Monday–Friday 8AM-5PM


Q: Are scholarships available to cover a portion of the registration fee?

A: Yes, applications will be available in December to receive scholarship to Radiant2020! 

Celebration Church would like for every woman who calls Celebration Church home to be a part of Radiant2020.

If your finances are a limiting factor in your ability to register, please apply for a Radiant Scholarship come December. (Please note that not everyone who applies for scholarship will be awarded one, but our desire is to assist as many Celebration Sisters as possible.)