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Common Texting Abbreviations

1. IWSN - I want sex now
2. GNOC - Get naked on camera
3. NIFOC - Naked in front of computer
4. PIR - Parent in room
5 CU46 - See you for sex
6. 53X – Sex
7. 9 - Parent watching
8. 99 - Parent gone
9. 1174' - Party meeting place
10. THOT - That hoe over there
11. CID - Acid (the drug)
12. Broken - Hungover from alcohol
13. 420 – Marijuana
14. POS - Parent over shoulder
15. SUGARPIC - Suggestive or erotic photo
16. KOTL - Kiss on the lips
17. (L)MIRL - Let's meet in real life
18. PRON – Porn
19. TDTM - Talk dirty to me
20. 8 - Oral sex
21. CD9 - Parents around/Code 9
22. IPN - I'm posting naked
23. LH6 - Let's have sex
24. WTTP - Want to trade pictures?
25. DOC - Drug of choice
26. TWD - Texting while driving
27. GYPO - Get your pants off
28. KPC- Keeping parents clueless
29. AF – As F*^(
30. Roach-
32. Netflix & Chill- Students and young people are using this terminology to solicit or imply “hooking up”. If a student sends a text to someone saying “Lets watch Netflix & Chill” it means they are going to get together to “hook up”.
33. OOMF-
34. FWM – F*^* with me or “hook up”
*more text abbreviations in links listed below

Dangerous Apps

Kik – “Chat on your terms” kids can chat with friends and strangers without filters. This app is well known for meeting random people and sending naked photos privately.

Snap Chat – Users can send private, automatically deleted photos and texts to other users – if your profile is not private any user can send you a photo or text. If your profile is private, you have to add the user as a friend before they can send you anything, but other users cannot see who your friends are or what you are sending to each other. Texts and photos are automatically deleted if your profile is private or not private.

Snap Chat Screen Shot Saver – Users can screen shot photos from a sender without them knowing. Students will screen shot naked photos of each other to “expose” each other at school and amongst their friend groups.

Snap Chat on Twitter – If a twitter user tweets out “Snapchat Me” with their user snap chat user name, there is some kind of code within twitter that links pornography users and sites to automatically send that user pornographic photos. Users must tweet “SC Me” instead to avoid nude photos being sent to them, but tweeting out your user name is still dangerous and you risk any snap chat user being able to access you via this app.

Twitter – Social media app that is totally unfiltered. Photos are not reported as inappropriate or flagged. Pornography is extremely accessible through Twitter.  Users can search through simple hash-tags and gain access to thousands of pornographic images. For example, one of the latest hash-tags that teens are using is #archthatbackchallenge.

Tinder – This application is a well known app for “hooking-up” and specifically used to solicit sex from users.

Hot Or Not – Vote on pictures of strangers and friends (from your own city or around the world), this app is used to meet up with people you think are attractive and to solicit sex.

Periscope – Users can live feed anything, anywhere, anytime.  All live feeds are totally accessible to anyone. Often a user can live feed something even from church and receive disturbing, negative, sexual and explicit comments on their live feed in real time. Live feeds that happen after dark can be pornographic and/or inappropriate.

View Williamson County Sheriff Office's School Resource for Dangerous Media Outlets

Other Dangerous Media Outlets

Netflix –Netflix is HUGE for students right now. A student has access to hundreds of tv-shows and movies with inappropriate and explicit content.
*See below for link on how to set parental controls on Netflix

Hulu – Another television streaming site like Netflix

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iPhone Tips & Tricks

iPhone has a restriction section in the General settings where parents can turn off App purchasing, camera, safari, facetime, etc. They can also limit all web activity as well.

Students will often rename contacts in their phone so parents will not know who the sender is.

Students will turn off app notifications so parents will not be able to see direct message notifications – you have to check the actual app with password access to see notifications.

Viral Challenges

Eraser Challenge
This “game” involves kids “'erasing’ their skin while saying the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter. Once they get to the letter Z, they stop and then compare the injury to their friends’.

See More Info on The Choke Hold Challenge, The Cinnamon Challenge and other dangerous games here: