Radiant Global

The fullness of truth and love offers His embrace...



Radiant Global has helped us to bring hope and empowerment to women in Xai Xai, Mozambique. Thanks to your generosity, in 2019, we facilitated three conferences in Africa. 851 women participated in Radiant and we witnessed 111 decisions for Christ and many baptisms! We have plans to add a fourth conference in the prison system of Mozambique in 2020.



Our most recent Radiant endeavor took us to Italy to shine in a nation that is 1% protestant. In 2018 we held our first ever conference in Naples, Italy and had 153 attend with 4 women giving their lives to Christ! In November of 2019 we are poised to rally even more women to experience Christ through Radiant 2019.



We currently facilitate four conferences within the prison system of central Texas as well as in an immigration residential center. We are committed to bringing spiritual freedom and hope to those behind bars. We have seen 1352 attend Radiant in correctional facilities and 381 have made decisions for Christ! In addition, 141 women have been baptized behind bars. Plans are developing to add more conferences in 2020.

Radiant Global is rallying women on a world stage to experience Christ and live knowing that God is for them. At Radiant Conference you will be able to partner with us to embrace the forgotten with the love of Jesus.