Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Marriage • 1 pm
During this fun and interactive breakout, Radiant ladies will learn from Marriage Helper's Kimberly Holmes what they can start doing right now in their marriage to not only create a deeper relationship with their spouse, but also become closer to God and receive all the good things He has in store for them. We will explore the PIES of marriage, and see how focusing on yourself Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, and Spiritually can enrich your relationship with your spouse. We'll wrap up the breakout with an audience-driven Q&A panel to provide insight for marriages.

Propel • 1 pm
While our culture is changing and professional women now hold positions of leadership, many women still struggle to identify themselves as leaders or feel empowered to operate within their full leadership potential. Propel Women exists to help internalize a leadership identity, and fulfill purpose, passion and potential, and Celebration Sisters is enthusiastic about partnering with Propel to make it happen. This breakout session will be led by Pastor Lori Champion, Lisa Bevere, and other Celebration leaders and will empower you to lead more effectively.

Parenting • 1 pm
Long-time educator Pastor Karen Douglas will lead this empowering session, bringing us some new and effective skills to guide us while parenting in a modern world. We can be smarter than our fifth graders! Let's talk about technology, life as a stepmom, anxiety, fear, and pressure that consume our pre-teens and teenagers. Have more questions? Bring them with you! We'll have a panel of experts to resource and equip you, including Pastor Joe Champion, author Melanie Anthony, Dr. Leah McDill of New Life Counseling Center, and Williamson County Officer Ron Cole. Let's do this together!

We will be offering multiple on-site lunch options for those that would like to attend a Breakout Session.

Evening Breakout Session

Youth/Young Adult • 5 pm
In this session, Pastor Celeste Gonzales will ask DawnCheré Wilkerson and Sarah Duron the tough questions that will compel you to not just live life, but to thrive in all you do! The topics will include: The good, bad & ugly of being a girl, social media, relationships, loneliness, anxiety, and overcoming failure. This candid breakout will inspire your future and give you practical steps toward your life goals.

We will be offering multiple on-site dinner options for the Youth/Young Adult Breakout Session.