Radiant Conference is a gathering for women of many ages, backgrounds, and walks of life that exists to empower and enrich a culture of fearless and courageous women. 


Fear is crippling—chained with limits and void of love. But we were built in strength. Fear forms limits, yet we were formed without limitations. Fear instills doubts, while we were made to be courageous. Fear holds us back, and we were made to move forward. Out of fear stems worry, anxiety, stress, and the need to control, stripping us of power, love, and identity. And most of all, fear is a liar.... 

It’s time to call fear out for what it really is. It’s time to Fear Not. 


Come and bring every woman you know to this two-day experience packed with acclaimed speakers and creative worship. Radiant will fuel you—activating your God-given purpose and challenging you to greatness.